A note from our founder & owner:  
My name is Gary Longhurst and the name of our company is Superior Fence, LLC. We are the Idaho independent authorized dealer for Country Estate Fence (CEF), which manufactures vinyl products for fences, handrail, and decking. 
We have been in business since 1996 and have furnished and installed many fences and handrails throughout the area. We also have dealers in the Pocatello and Boise areas to better serve customers in those areas. 
We carry a large inventory of materials and fabricate most of the products we sell from raw material provided by CEF and therefore are prepared to meet the needs of the customers that we serve. CEF was the first company to manufacture vinyl products for fencing in 1979. The product is referred to as a “solid-wall” or “mono-extrusion”. Most other manufactures are using a process referred to as co-extrusion. Co-extrusion is a process that uses varying and different grades of materials in its inner and outer layers. From a distance, a co-extruded product may look like CEF material, but if one examines a cross-cut section, you may be able to detect the difference. An outer layer, generally as thick as two coats of paint, covers a compromised imitation of virgin polymers or other materials. Mono-extruded products are the opposite of this process. What one sees on the outside of the product is contained through the entire product. The concentrations for protection of the product from ultraviolet rays, brittleness, etc. that are placed on the thin outside layer of a co-extruded product is contained throughout the entire product of CEF. A comparison of this may be a solid oak table that your grandmother possessed which she was very proud of and which may today be someone’s prized possession. Most likely, the veneered version of that same table hasn’t withstood the test of time. As with the solid oak table, the manufacturing of vinyl products with high quality material, stabilizers and modifiers throughout the entire product is the best guarantee for longevity of the product.
We would like the opportunity to meet with you and answer any questions you may have or better yet, have an opportunity to show you what we can do for you on a future project that you may need with these types of products.
Thank you! 
Gary Longhurst
Superior Fence 836 E. 1400 N., Shelley, ID 83274 (208) 520-2899
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