Solid Wall Extrusion Or Co-Extrusion? 

The COUNTRY ESTATE vinyl fencing is not a cheap imitation. COUNTRY ESTATE is the 
pioneer of the vinyl fence industry in that it produced the first vinyl fence in 1979. That fence still stands today, 30 years later and is located around the home of the owner of Country Estate Fence. Made from 100% virgin vinyl, this product is extruded as one piece with the UV inhibitors and Titanium Oxides added throughout the entire product (commonly referred to as solid wall or mono-extruded). Unlike other products on the market today, this product does not have a co-extruded "white" coating of UV inhibited PVC and brittleness control applied to a base material containing a wide range of different products (contain recycled plastics). In other words, what you see on the outside is what you get throughout the entire product (mono-extruded) and not just in a thin layer on the outside (co-extruded). This product is the "Real McCoy" in vinyl quality and it's backed by a "true" 50 year 'non-prorated' limited warranty, which warrants thatthe product will not peel, flake, rust, blister, corrode, etc.. Furthermore, the product will not require painting or maintenance due to deterioration and/or defective workmanship and materials, nor will the product exhibit abnormal weathering, abnormal discoloration, or become brittle.
If you find a major manufacturer's published warranty on PVC fencing that you and/or your 
attorney feel will better protect your investment than Country Estate's published warranty, submit your request to us in writing along with a copy of the competitor's warranty and we will warrant our product using the competitor's warranty rather than ours (ask others to accept Country Estate's warranty).
Country Estate in 2009 developed a line of post and rail and privacy fence that is co-extruded and superior to others on the market today. The difference is this new product when compared to other co-extruded products, contains a substrate underneath the outside layer made from 100 percent reprocessed vinyl only from the Country Estate mono-extruded product. Therefore, it contains the same concentrations of protection as the mono-extruded fence (other extruder's may purchase regrind material on the open market which may contain various products such as vinyl fencing, vinyl siding, milk cartons, etc. - there is no quality control as to the contents of the regrind material). The major difference between Country Estate's mono-extruded and cow 
extruded products is that the mono-extruded product is extruded from 100 percent pure virgin 
vinyl and no regind/reprocessed material is used. Each time vinyl is reprocessed, it has to be 
reheated and cooled, which caused it to lose some of the elasticity and becomes more brittle than the initial process containing 100 percent pure virgin vinyl.
Co-extrusion is the manufacturing process that is used to molecularly bond the ingredients into two layers (in many cases the inter layer is not pure vinyl but reprocessed vinyl which may cause the fence to be more brittle). These layers are fused together through extreme heat and pressure and cannot be physically separated. Co-extrusion allows one to have the ability to control the placement of the majority of the UV inhibitor Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) to the outside where it is exposed to the sun.
Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) is a chemical additive that acts as a bleaching agent and sun screen. 
Most vinyl fencing contains 10 parts per 100 of Ti02. Because of the using co extrusion process, the TiO2 is .concentrated on the outer layer where it is exposed to the sun. This ingredient (Ti02) is critical to the long-term weather-ability of a vinyl fence.
Overall, the co extrusion process is utilized to reduce the cost of the fence by reducing the 
chemicals that are added to the product for ultraviolet rays protection and bitterness control with the use of reprocessed vinyl. For example and as previously mentioned, most vinyl fencing 
contains 10 parts per 100 of Ti02. In the co extrusion fence this concentration is contained in the thin outside layer and with Country Estate Fence the same concentration is contained throughout the entire product.
The following information is taken directly from the Internet on another major manufactures 
home page:
Co-extrusion is the manufacturing process that xxxxxxx uses to molecularly bond the pure virgin ingredients into two layers. These layers are fused through extreme heat and 
pressure and cannot be physically separated. Co-extrusion allows xxxxxxx to have the 
ability to control the placement of the radon of the UV inhibitor TiO2 to the outside
where it is exposed to the sun. The "layers" are molecularly bonded during the process and
cannot physically be separated. The product quality and color are true throughout.
Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) is a chemical additive that acts as a bleaching agent and sun
screen for xxxxxx Vinyl. Xxxxxx Vinyl contains 10 parts per 100 of Ti02. Because 
xxxxxx Vinyl is manufactured using co extrusion, the majority of TiO2 is concentrated on
the outer layer. (Note: This level of concentration is contained throughout the entire 
product of Country Estate).
A possible comparison of mono-extrusion to co extrusion may be like comparing a veneered oak table (represents co extrusion) to a solid oak table (represents mono-extrusion). The veneered product is an imitation of the "Real McCoy". The dictionary defines 'veneer' as a method "to face or cover (an object) with any material that is more desirable as a surface material then the basic material of the object - to give a superficially valuable or pleasing appearance" of superior quality.
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