"Just wanted to drop a quick note and say the gates you guys make are the best! I walk around our neighborhood and see flimsy gates that hang crooked or have wheels on them and I'm thankful I don't have to deal with that! Our fence is 5 years old and still looks great, the sun hasn't touched it."
- Chris Propp
"This is simply the best fence company in East Idaho. They product is 2nd to none and the installation is first class. We have seen several different fence installers and product suppliers and no one cares more about your experience than Gary Longhurst @ Superior Fence. He has products for most every budget. Call with confidence that they will do well by you. They may have a wait, but the wait is worth it."
- River Valley Homes LLC
"We had two properties fenced and experienced professional, awesome installation and quality! Highly recommended by us!!!"
- Sharon Smith
"We want to thank you for making our experience with your company, Superior Products, LLC, such a positive experience. You took time to answer the many questions that we had during the bid process, you took the time
necessary to explain how the Country Estates vinyl fencing would be installed before you began the installation, and most importantly, you were prompt in returning our telephone calls, and you took time after our new Country Estates vinyl fence was installed to meet with us to ensure that we were pleased with our new fence.

Five years ago when we decided to put up a vinyl privacy fence there were only two vendors selling vinyl fence products. We had them install the vinyl fence and after one year we quickly learned the importance of the adage “You get what you pay for.” Because the fence posts were not anchored properly, some of the fence posts sank causing the fence to become uneven. Other fence posts leaned due to the wind. When we called to make arrangements to have them repair the fence, we quickly learned about the limited "warranty" on. the fence. Now that we have a Country Estates vinyl fence, we only wish that we would have known about your company and Country Estates vinyl fencing fire years ago. Although your bid was alit& higher than the other bids that we received this time, the advantages that we have seen of having a Country Estates vinyl fence far outweigh the differences in the cost

The advantages of dealing with Superior Products, LLC and having a Country Estates vinylfence over the vinyl
fence that installed for us include superior installation, a superior product; and superior service.

An example of the superior installation is the fact that you dug the fence posts deeper and used more concrete to ensure that the fence posts are anchored properly. An example of the superior product is the fact that your fencing material is a solid wall extrusion product versus the fence that we got.

And finally, examples of the superior"
- Bert and Berdeen Creasey - Idaho Falls
"Thank you for allowing us to recommend you and your company to anyone considering the installation or replacement of fencing at their home or business. You and your crew were professional through the whole process, from the initial estimate to service after the sale. Your experience was obvious as you suggested ways to layout the fence resolving issues we had with the unique contours of our property.

We found several suppliers and contractors who claimed the best price, products and service but your materials and workmanship are without equal. You made sure we understood exactly how your products were superior to the competition as well as how the installation was to be done a specific way and why. We can't even imagine why anyone would consider anyone else.

You kept us informed of the schedule and completed the work as promised. All through the installation process your crew happily answered any questions we had and included us in the decision process when any changes needed to be made.

We did have one minor issue with a gate that was discovered weeks after the job was completed. The problem was cheerfully resolved when promise.

As stated above - We can't even imagine why anyone would consider anyone else."
- Lynn and Velma Humphries
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We have been dealing with another fence company for more than a year who installed a gate that was torn apart within the first week. After warrantying that gate the next one lasted about a month. After an unbearable amount of agony with a broken gate we called Superior and they quickly installed a gate that is double the strength of the old one and also installed supports to help keep the gate strong in the brutal wind we are known for. I should have known better when my dad had a Superior fence installed and it was 3 times the fence we had installed. The agony of the entire situation is, why didn't we do it right the first time?

Thanks again, you guys rock. Keep up the good work."
- Drew Evans
"Thank you for doing such a great job !!! The quality and work is truly superior. They came and got the job done quickly and professionally, Gary and his crew were great to work with. We will definitely recommend them to our friends and neighbors.

We are very happy with our new fence!!!"
- Gary and Laura Johnston
"The hailstorm on 4/7/18 was very revealing about the quality of the fencing form Superior Fence. My neighbors fence that, extends along the same line from mine, was pockmarked with holes from the hail. My fence did not have ANY damage from the hailstorm! Neighbors passing by my house made the comment about my fencing being much superior from just about all others in the neighborhood. (I also noticed (as did my neighbors) that the neighbors fence, which is a few years newer than mine, is much more yellow in color than mine!)"
- Dale Luke
"Except for one picket cap, our fence came through the hail storm of April, 2018 without a mark. Many of the neighbors with fences of the same age had considerable damage. We are so impressed with the quality of Superior Fence materials and installation. Thanks, Gary!"
- Harold Kehr
"Garys crew installed our fence professionally and has warrantied our fence for 50 years. We are very pleased with his installation and the quality of his work. Todd & Rosella Grant Rigby Idaho"
- Todd Grant
"I wanted to thank Gary and his folks for installing an outstanding fence. IT looks like new after 2 years and we constantly get comments about how nice it looks. They were very professional and quick in the installation and even in the severe hail storm last year the fence had no damage. I highly recommend them for all your fencing needs."
- Fred Hughes
Superior Fence 836 E. 1400 N., Shelley, ID 83274 (208) 520-2899
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